Belkin Wemo Baby is a baby monitor that works over the home Wi-Fi or 3G network. Users place a monitor device in the baby's room and listen in using an app on their smart phone. I led the User Experience including research, design and testing. I collaborated with numerous stakeholders to achieve a clean minimal experience, consistency between the device and the app as well as with Belkin Wemo product family.

Market Research, User Research, Information Architecture, Requirements, Functional Design, Storyboards, Scenarios, Wireframes, Process Flows, Mockups, Prototypes, Interaction Design

monitor room.jpg

Scope & Concept

I began by narrowing down the scope to support only the most likely and important use cases. Based on this, I created a minimal intuitive interaction model with a simplified approach to handling multiple users, privacy and security.



I created working wireframe prototypes for the app and the device that I gradually changed into high fidelity prototypes by collaborating with Graphic and Industrial Designers, Electrical and Software Engineers, Product and Marketing.


Detailed Software Design

I prepared detailed specs mapping all process flows for all user and iOS initiated events (such as multiple threading) and network related events (such as WIFI and 3G connection errors). I defined an easy network setup based on the Belkin Wemo setup process. Each process included relevant screen/device layouts and definitions and shared with Software, Hardware and QA engineers.